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  • Blame it on the Bars

    Posted on November 2012, by Erin Murphy

    By Erin Murphy Nothing gets the plaintiffs’ bar going like alleged "evil empires" with deep pockets — big tobacco, gun manufacturers and profitable corporations are always at the top of the list. Not to be discounted is the alcohol industry, which has been battling dram shop...
  • Who Else Wants to Become An Efficient Bartender?

    Posted on November 2012, by Jeremy Sherk

    Author: Jeremy Sherk As a bartender, if you can churn out drinks with minimum expenditure of time and effort, you will make ridiculous amounts of cash and have the option to work at virtually any establishment you like. All speed requires is the decision to, well, move fast.   However,...
  • 95 Year-Old Bartender Retires

    Posted on November 2012, by David Craver

    WEST VIEW, Pa. - Only minutes after Prohibition ended in 1933, Angelo Cammarata, 19, served a 10-cent bottle of Fort Pitt beer to a customer in his father's neighborhood grocery. Ever since, except for a 30-month hitch during World War II, the son of Italian immigrants has been tending bar...
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