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Who Else Wants to Become An Efficient Bartender?

Posted on November 2012, by Jeremy Sherk

Author: Jeremy Sherk

As a bartender, if you can churn out drinks with minimum expenditure of time and effort, you will make ridiculous amounts of cash and have the option to work at virtually any establishment you like. All speed requires is the decision to, well, move fast.


However, increasing efficiency requires more time and preparation than simply deciding to turn it up a notch, and that's exactly why many bartenders collapse under the pressure of being thick in the weeds because they fail to take the time to prepare their bar for maximum efficiency.

efficiency [i-fish-uhn-see]:

* Accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort.
* The ratio of the effective or useful output to the total input in any system.
* The ratio of the energy delivered by a machine to the energy supplied for its operation.

So how do you become more efficient?
* Contemplation...look at your bar surroundings: Is there anything that can be improved? Is there a certain action you hate doing, because it eats up so much time?

Now, while you may not be in a position to start reconstructing shelf and fridge space to suit your needs, such a minor change, like the location of your shot glasses, can make a drastic difference to the amount of effort you expend in during a shift. And if you are in a position to influence bar reconstruction, do it if it will increase your bar's efficiency! The bottom line is, become aware of your bar's environment and make changes if necessary.

* Preparation...showing up 30 minutes earlier to prepare for your shift can make a world of difference to your night. Extra preparation time before your shift will result much less time and effort expended during your shift.

* allow you to execute without thinking, and that's exactly what you want as a bartender. You shouldn't have to "think" about where to reach for your grapefruit juice when someone orders a Seabreeze. It should be automatic. It should be second nature.

Have you ever seen a bartender buckle under the pressure of a mob of customers all screaming for a drink? Well, it's not a pretty sight. When every action is second nature, you can keep your cool easily, even when it gets crazy. Systems mean you follow the same procedure each time.

You don't do things randomly and sporadically, you do them the same, every time! Everything from the way you set up your bar, to the sequential order you make drinks, etc.

* Organization...While organization is a requirement of a good system. It's important to stay organized throughout the night. Especially if your work alongside other bartenders.

Put things back in their place. Make sure you're on the same page as your co-workers. It drove me nuts when I used to work with bartenders who didn't put things back, or worse, because of their lack of preparation, have to come to my well/work area and grab a bottle.

As an efficient bartender, you will pull in the highest sales, and create the most enjoyable experience for your customers. Instead of dreading "the weeds," you will welcome the craziness of working in a busy establishment because you know you can handle it.


About the Author:

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